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Easier Data

for a Better Life

The first empathic voice assistant for patients data capture


Artificial Intelligence at the service of Medicine

The first voice assistant made for patients involved in medical care and research, to simplify participation and the data collection process. The artificial intelligence system involves patients on a daily basis, learning and adapting to the therapeutic journey to provide a personalized and efficient service. Our solution provides capabilities to manage health data at scale and make it easier for healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience, coordinate care, and drive operational efficiency, while helping support security, compliance, and interoperability of health data.

Transform the patient journey

Our voice assistant technology allows to deliver a whole new experince for patients, in every application field.

Decentralized Clinical trials

Simplify participation with patient-centric approach, improve decision-making process and enhance therapy management.

Patient Support Programs

Improve patients adherence with an adaptive engagement system and simplify remote monitoring.


Increase patients diversity and automate data collection processes in real-time.


Servizi professionali personalizzati

Il nostro team di ingegneri può supportarti nello sviluppo e nell'implementazione di progetti personalizzati con Ysi, servizi aggiuntivi e assistenza dedicata.